Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sneak Peak of Granny in the Book of Fairytales!

A Sneak peak of granny in the Book of Fairytales, she will be played by Marie Grace, this Granny is very different then the one in the story, so here is the interview and photo shoot of her: 

Marie Grace tell me a little bit about your role? 
So, Granny is a delightful old lady, who knows alot about everything, and loves her grandchild, Ruby. But when a wolf puts her in danger, Granny really is put to the test. 

About the wolf, how was it being afraid of Argos?
Actually, In the story, I am not afraid of Argos, Spoiler.*

And now of Photo Shoot of Granny:

The End. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Meet Linnie the Lamb!

This week you all met Muffin the kitty, now it is time for you to meet Linnie, Linnie is the cutest lamb you will ever see, I guarantee, Here she is:

Linnie, as Little Red Riding Hood, what big eyes you have!

Rub a dub, a dub, Linnie's in the tub!

I am the flower girl, for a wedding hooray!

Ta da, I'm the gift!!

So many clothes what to wear?

This is my favorite hat!

 Linnie loves going out in capes.

 Time to learn about Sheep!

Tea Time, for Linnie!!

 Linnie just loves red!

The End.

Friday, June 26, 2015

AG Summer Releases Items!

I won't be posting all the new items, since I posted many of them during AG sneak peak on Pinterest, but here are some of the items:

Flip Top Desk: $58

Stylin' Bangs $20.00

Fun Fedora $10.00

Silver Sparkle Beanie $10.00

Double Braid Headband $20.00

Striped Hoodie for Dolls $14.00

Hairstyle Tools $20.00

Tweed Driver's Cap $10.00

Rebecca's Bed & Bedding $125.00

The End.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Photo Story: Grace and the Trailer!

Since Grace's movie just came out, I think it's the perfect time to throwback this Photo Story!

Grace could not believe it her trailer for her new movie was out, she started to call all her friends.

"Did you see my new trailer?" Grace asked, "No, I have not seen it!" Cecile exclaimed. "That's great," Grace said, "How is that Great?" Cecile asked, "because that means you can come over to my house and watch it."

Grace was so excited she was going to have an Trailer viewing party, all my friends are coming, Yay! Now Grace, thought what should I wear, "I going to this red dress!" She said.

At Cecile's house, I am so glad that Grace invited me to her trailer viewing party, "I think this red dress will do," she said.

Grace house was now full of her friends, Grace looked marvelous in her dress, "I love your dress," Said Kanani, "Your's look great too," replied an honest Grace.

Then Cecile walked into the party, Grace looked at Cecile, Cecile looked like Grace, They were wearing the same dress.

"I can't believe you guys picked the same dress," said a laughing Marie Grace.

 Grace almost felt like crying, but then all of sudden Cecile said, "You know they say great minds think alike, well I think great friends think alike." Grace couldn't agree more, "now let's watch my trailer."

After the trailer was over, Cecile said to Grace, "the trailer looked magnifique," "Thank's for coming, and being my twin for a day," Grace said. "You are totally welcome, now let's eat some of your cake," replied Cecile. Grace thought to herself this trailer viewing party, could not have gone any better.

Watch the trailer here: 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Meet Muffin the Kitty!

Muffin the Kitty, is a stuffed animal of course, but she is so cute we had to do a photo shoot on her, We got Muffin recently, she is a TY Teddy, and we love her so much,we call her Big Eyes, most of the time, so here she is, Muffin the Kitty!

This Muffin going to a Valentine's day party, and the gift, who is it from, a secret admirer perhaps?

Going to the beach, Muffin is ready to lounge and listen to the waves crash.

 Happy Birthday to Muffin, Happy Birthday dear Muffin, Happy Birthday to You!

 A Nest! Muffin has a Nest on her head.

Going shopping has never been more cuter.

Muffin is ready to go for a walk.

 Brrr, it is cold outside.

Muffin is ready for her bath, though many cats hate a bath, Muffin relishes them.

I'm a little tea cup short and stout.

Look at Me!

The End.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three New Trademarks!

American Girl has been trademarking like crazy the have trademark three new things, one is:

Logan, could it be the first american girl boy name, this was trademarked for "DOLLS, DOLL CLOTHING AND DOLL ACCESSORIES" The name Logan is a Gaelic baby name. In Gaelic the meaning of the name Logan is: From the hollow. 

It was trademarked for "DOLL PLAYSETS AND ACCESSORIES THEREFOR" I believe this is most likely trademarked for Mary Ellen the new Be forever, since Diner's were a big hit in the 50s.

Riley was trademarked for "DOLLS, DOLL CLOTHING AND DOLL ACCESSORIES,' this could be the name for the Girl of the year 2016 or possibly a character in the book. Riley means a luxurious or carefree existence.

The End.