Sunday, July 12, 2015

A New 18inch doll Company!

As you all know, my sisters and I love dolls, so that is why we created the blog, American Girl Sisters. 

But now Together along with our parents we have started a new doll company, Dolls From Heaven.

Dolls from Heaven are 18in. Saint dolls who come with a book based on the saints lives.

I am Excited to introduce to you Our first doll is Saint Therese of Lisieux.

Therese is kind, loving, and she has a great longing to dedicate her life to Jesus. She has glistening brown eyes that open and close, and curly brown hair. She comes with a Carmelite habit.

The 18 inch Therese doll has a cloth body, and a movable, vinyl head and limbs. Includes the paper back I am Therese book.

She also has a Second Outfit, Therese's Sunday Best, this outfit comes with a: A Blue long- sleeved dress with cream ruffles, Cream boots, A big cream bow, White tights.

Our plan is to introduce a series of saint dolls, including 18inch. boy dolls.

You can Pre-order the Therese doll and her Sunday Best Outfit on Indiegogo:

 For More Information go to:

The End.

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