Saturday, February 28, 2015

American Girl News With Lanie Holland!

Today on American Girl News with Lanie Holland, she and some special guests will give you the scoop on the latest American Girl Magazine!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Photo Shoot: By the Fireplace!

Emily and I decided to take a few pictures of her by the fireplace, Enjoy! 

Hope you liked them! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Photo Story: Sick Day!

Kailey recently had a surgery on her legs and arms, and now she can't leave the hospital. "Oh no," she cried,"Today's the day for the party, and I am stuck in this hospital."

Kailey started crying, but just then Juliet her "nurse" walked in, "What is wrong Kailey why are you crying?"  Juliet asked.

"Are you feeling bad? Let me check your head." Juliet said concerned.  Juliet checked her forehead, "you seem fine, What is the matter?" Juliet asked. 

"I really wanted to go to the party , but instead I can't leave the hospital." Kailey said.  Juliet said to her, "Don't cry and don't worry you are going to a party," said Juliet. 

Juliet was going to give Kailey her very own party, right here in the Hospital! So Juliet called her friends Molly and Rebecca and asked them to come to the hospital with decorations! "I am baking some treats for Kailey," said Juliet.  

"That's so nice," Molly said, "I will get a present for Kailey." So Molly started wrapping a gift.

Rebecca said, "every girl needs a crown for her birthday, I will get her a crown and write some get well cards." 

Back at the Hospital, Kailey was still feeling a little down, all of sudden Juliet, Molly, and Rebecca walked in, "Surprise," shouted Molly. "What are you doing here?" asked a shocked Kailey, "We are having a Get well Soon Party" Rebecca said grinning.

"We brought some treats and presents, I hope you like it," Juliet said. "Also, we brought you a crown," Rebecca said while putting it on her head. 

Kailey said,"Like it, I Love it, this is so nice, Thank you, all of you are the best of friends."

 "Group hug," shouted Rebecca, Kailey was so happy, even though she was in the hospital and in pain, it all went away with this act of kindness.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Tighten American Girl Limbs

Our doll Kailey, limbs have gotten wobbly, and they desperately need to be tighten, so in this tutorial we will show you how to properly tighten your dolls limbs.     

Watch the Tutorial: 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hair Styles by Sarah: The waterfall braid

This week I will be doing a waterfall braid on Isabelle. This hairstyle is perfect for Isabelle because her pink highlights stand out perfectly,but you can also use it on dolls with medium to long length hair. All you need to do this hairstyle is a brush a elastic band and a optional hair clip.  


Step 1: Brush hair and if you are doing this on Isabelle then add pink highlights.

Step 2: Separate a small section of hair from the top of your dolls hair and part into two as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Grab another section from the top of her head .

Step 4: from the section you took from step 2 take one of the half's and tuck it under the section you took from step 3.   
Step 5: And pull the other one over the section you took from step 3.

Step 6: keep doing steps 4 and 5 until you reach the end and tie the elastic band at the end 

Step 7: from the other side of your dolls head repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5. 

Step 8 : tie the two ends together with an elastic band and optional clip your hair clip on the ends  

                                                                 And your done!


American Girl contest!

American Girl has a New contest, all you have to do is write a review and you could win $100 Gift Card! 

The Contest ends March 11th, one must be 18 years or older to enter. 

For Official Rules: Official Rules

Monday, February 23, 2015

Adventures with Bitty Babies and Twins by Maria: Bath time!

Adventures with Bitty Babies and Twins, is my younger sister Maria, winner of last years Bitty Baby contest, blog post she takes the pictures, and tells the story. Enjoy reading...

Bath Time!
 Come on, Argo, time for a bath," Jill said. Argo was Jill's dog, and he got dirty so Jill was going to give him a bath. Argo, when he heard that he needed a bath, started to run from her, but Jill was to quick for it and scooped him up into her arms. "If you are a good dog, I will give you a treat!" Jill said to her beloved pet.  

Upon hearing this the dog immediately started to cooperate, "that's a good dog, now let me  put you in the tub," Jill said.

Jill started to scrub off all of Argos' dirt, "what did you get yourself into, you are covered with dirt and mud," said a grossed out Jill. Argos looked at her with puppy eyes, "Well it does not matter now, I will clean you all up," Jill said.

"Now you are all clean, let me dry you,"  said Jill to her dog.

"Good job Argos, see that was not so hard, since you let me wash you, you get a bowl of your favorite treats," Jill said to her excited dog. Argos leaped for joy and began eating his well-deserved reward, and Jill was happy that her dog was all clean.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

1000 Views on YouTube!

"The First Thanksgiving" American Girl Style was one of our first video's and
 now it has 1000 views on YouTube! 

The video is about our dolls reenacting the First thanksgiving, we have Kanani, Josefina, and Cecile as Native Americans, we got Molly, Felicty, Caroline, and many more of our dolls as pilgrims. 

Our Mom actually made the Native American costumes!

So Here is the Video!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

American Girl News with Lanie Holland

Our American Girl dolls will keep you up with the latest in American Girl, Fashion, and all that goes on in the American Girl Sisters, in a short video. 

Our Host Lanie Holland, and her special guest
Grace Thomas!

Grace's New Trailer for her new movie!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Photo Story: Riding Like the Wind!

Samantha was going out for a walk with her best friend Nellie, "And then the dogs started dragging me down the street," Samantha said to Nellie. "That sounded like fun, has Juliet asked you to watch anymore animals," Nellie asked, "No, and if anyone did I would say no can do," Samantha said. 

Felicity came riding on Penny her horse to Samantha and Nellie, "Sam and Nellie, I am late for a test, and I need you guys to watch Penny Can you Please!" said a pleading Felicity.

Nellie looked at Samantha, Samantha thought oh no not again, but then she looked at Felicity pleading face, "OK, we will," Samantha said in a whispering voice. "Great, you can take Penny for a ride," Felicity said running down the street.

 "What happened to, no can do," Nellie asked, "It left when I looked at Felicity's face," Said Samantha. Samantha looked at Penny, here we go again,  "Well it can't be that hard to ride her," Nellie said.

"I will try," Said Samantha. she put one leg over her and there she was on Penny, "yeah you are right this is easy," said Samantha. 

But then Samantha accidentally kicked Penny, and off he went. "Ah, Nellie save me!" Samantha screamed, Nellie started to run after Penny, after a hour of Nellie chasing Samantha and Penny, Penny finally stopped.

 Samantha immediately got off Penny, "Why did she stop," Nellie asked out of breath. "I have no idea, but I'm glad she did I almost lost my breakfast, lunch and dinner riding her," Samantha said.

 But then Samantha looked at Penny, and she saw that Penny was looking at Felicity who was just getting out of her test. "Well, that's what she was looking for, she was looking for Felicity," Samantha said. 

Felicity walked up to them, "Thanks for taking care of Penny, was she hard." "Um just a little," Nellie said. After that Felicity left them, "well that was fun," Nellie said in a joking way. "And then Elizabeth walked up to them with Patriot, "can you please take care of patriot, I am late for a dance class."

 Samantha looked at Nellie, Nellie looked at Samantha, "Sure why not, It could be fun" Samantha  said. "Here we go again," Nellie  said, The two friends burst into laughter, "I am glad your my friend Samantha," Nellie said. "Me too, now it is your turn to ride the horse."