Thursday, April 30, 2015

2000 Views on Our Blog!

We made it to Two Thousand views on our blog, thank you to all our fans! 

Throwback Thursday: My American Girl Birthday Dresses!

 Usually for my birthday, My mom will get me or make me a dress for my dolls, inspired by my birthday dress for that year, so here is a throwback on those dresses. Also, all the pictures were taken with my new camera, hope you like them. 

This one was made for Emily, It is a purple floor-length dress, it was made for my thirteenth birthday, it also has a purple headband. 

This was for my eleventh birthday, my mother made it ,it is a white dress, with a blue belt, and a matching headband, it was made for Molly.

This was my thirteenth birthday, it is a short blue dress, with flower details, it was made for Elizabeth.

This is my fifteenth birthday dress, it was a the gold holiday dress, but it matched my birthday dress that year to perfection, it came with a headband, stockings, and gold shoes, and it came with Isabelle.

Since I have no more of my own dolls, this year, I gave my birthday dress to one of my favorite share dolls, Lanie, it is one of the new Samantha dresses, it came with a headband, stockings, and shoes.

The end.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's My Birthday!

Today is my Birthday, I am turning sixteen it is a big milestone for me, I am so happy!

I got a dress, shirt, and a beautiful purse, I also got a new camera with all of the gadgets no more using the phone. In addition, I got tickets to go see Avengers Age of Ultron, I can't wait!

I also got a new American Girl outfit, Samantha's floral print dress, I picked out when we went to New York! It is also Isabelle's birthday, and I will be hosting a party for her this Saturday, an invitation will be on Friday.
Here is Isabelle wearing the new outfit! 

The End.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Photo Story: Mary's Trip to New York!

Mary, the bitty baby, came with us to New York and she saw all the Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin items, This is the last Trip to New York in the series! 

My Trip was very fun, I saw and made a lot of new friends, this is my story.

I met my twin, she looked so cute in that outfit!

These dolls were so much fun, it was Kathy, Bailey, and Margret.

I took a picture with these great dolls!

So many Bitty Babies everywhere, see if you can spot me!

Moving on to the bitty Twins, There were so many, I hid pretty well here, see if you can spot me now!

This doll was so nice, her name was Courtney, and she told me about how she wished to be adopted.

I loved these dolls, they looked just like Caspian and Bitty Twin!

Max was so funny, he told me so many jokes.

I started to feel tired, I met Jane, she was friendly.

Eventually, I just took a nap with some other dolls!

My Trip was very nice, Hope you like reading about it.
The End.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Photo Story:Grace's Trip to New York!

We also brought along Grace with us to New York, I know what you are thinking? How many dolls! well we brought four dolls with us and we are five people, we also brought a backpack that fit two with us, Grace's story is about the Girl of the year section, pets, and hair salon, Hope you enjoy! 

My Trip to New York was A-Maze-ing, I had too much fun!

I met not one but two other Grace's, they were so friendly!

I even saw my bakery which was in great quality!

My mother Maria, took a picture with "Me!"

All of the girl of the years were so nice, soon I will be one of them,Yikes!

Seeing the pets were a joy, they were all magnifique! especially Jacques, the dog, his owner Madeline told me that he loves to play fetch, Isn't that cool!

The little cat, Angel, was adorable as well!

And afterwards, I went walking around the hair salon, all the dolls were looking great, My trip was so much fun, I wonder how my bakery is doing back home with Lily and Bitty baby in charge? Well that's all for today, see you or write you next time!

The End.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Photo Story: Caroline's Trip to New York!

We also brought Caroline to New York as well, she went and saw all the Be Forever items!

New York was a lot of fun, here is my experience!

As Soon as I came in, I saw Samantha, she showed me her lovely artwork.

She even invited me for some Lemonade and treats.

Afterwards, I met another Samantha who was about to take a nap!

After I talked with Sam, I met Myself, Caroline, we had to take a picture.

Later on, I met Kit and her chicken, Chickpea, I loved her, I even learned how to hold a chicken.

Addy was lovely, she told me about how she loved her new outfit, and I said I loved it too.

Josefina was delightful as well, I had t o brush up on my Spanish talking to her.

The funnest part was taking a ride with Julie in her car!

Kaya was wonderful even though she was in a glass case!

My Trip was delightful, I met so many nice dolls, and I even got a little goodie!