Sunday, May 31, 2015

Photo Story: Samantha's Shopping Spree for Charity!

Samantha and her friends got to the store, they wanted to get many things, for the orphans.

"Today we are not only here to celebrate my birthday, but to find dome great things for the orphans," Samantha said to her friends.

Caroline said to her, "What about this dress," "I love it" Samantha replied. 

Isabelle was still searching for a great find.

Grace whgo worked at the store could not box the outfits quicker, "You are buying my whole store," she said laughingly. 

Samantha found some great finds for boys!

Afterwards, She paid Grace for all the great things.

Nellie started to pack the toys in a box, "The kids are going to love this!" she said gleefully.

There were so much clothes, blankets, toys and books!

When, the orpnage lady Miss Mckinley saw all the things she almost started to cry.

"Thank you so much,Samantha" she said, "The children will love this,"

Marie Grace and Cecile, who helped out at the orphanage were also surprised at all the marvelous things, and the orphans were delighted. 

Samantha was so happy, all that she hoped for came true, now the orphans had enough clothes to last them all year. This was the best birthday ever.

The End.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Photo Story: Cecile's Roaring River Birthday!

 Marie grace took Cecile to the River, "Happy birthday, Cecile," she said, "Thank you so much for bringing me here," Cecile replied, "Anything for my best fried!"

 A little while later, they began to skip rocks, "Look at how far mine went!" Marie grace shouted!

"Oh look birds!" said Cecile, "Yeah theirs two, one for you and one for me," Marie Grace replied.

They waved to them, "Hello birds," shouted Cecile!

 Later, they sat down to have cupcakes.

"Grace outdid herself, these Cupcakes look delicious!" Cecile Said.

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear, Cecile, happy birthday to you," Marie grace sang, as Cecile made a wish.

"I got you a gift," Marie Grace said to her friend after they finished their treats.
"You did," said Cecile, "Thank you!"

"I got you a necklace," she said, "It is beautiful, Thanks!" Cecile responded in awe. 

Cecile hurriedly put the necklace on, "It is beautiful!"

Cecile was so happy she had a great birthday, not because she had a party or fancy ribbons but because she was with her friend.

Bonus Picture:

The End.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Invitation for Cecile's Birthday!

Cecile, did not want to have a party this year instead she wanted to go the River, with her best friend Marie Grace, and have grace's cupcakes, so we invite you to Cecile's Roaring River Fun!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Cecile!

Today is Cecile's Birthday, she is one of our all-time favorite dolls, e got her for a Christmas, our uncle and aunt gave it to us, She will be sending out the invitation for her birthday tomorrow, the party will be before Samantha's Shopping Spree for Charity, so it will be on Saturday.

Invitation to Samantha's Birthday!

Samantha decided this year she does not want a party or gifts, this year she wants to give back by a Shopping Spree for Charity! She and her friends are going to go shopping and buy, what should have been the gifts, things like clothes and foods for the American Girl orphanage. Samantha said, "God had blessed me with a good home and many things now it is time to spread the blessings around, instead of gifts, I want clothes for the orphans, my good friends Marie Grace and Cecile work their, and told me the children were in need, the Shopping Spree for charity is on Sunday, Please attend."

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Yesterday was Samantha's birthday, Samantha is one of our most cherished dolls we got her by surprise, well sort off, by accident Sarah was looking around our mother's closet and she found Samantha up in rolls in her room, she runs and tells me do I believe her no, I said "If you saw a Samantha doll, it is probably the doll from a friend of ours who wants mommy to fix her hair." But then on Christmas morning, what do we get as a gift a Samantha doll, Hooray!

We will be releasing an invitation tomorrow, and the birthday party will be on Sunday!

 The End.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Adventures with Bitty Babies and Twins: A Day in the Park.

 Lilliandil and Rose were excited to go with mommy to the playground. Lily wanted to see all the beautiful flowers. And Rose wanted to take photos of different red thing at the park for her scrapbook.  "At the park there are plenty of sweet smelling flowers" said Rose. When they got to the park Lily saw the most beautiful rose. "Look Rose" said Lily "That is the most beautiful Rose I have ever seen" Lily continued. "And it is perfect for a photo" replied Rose. 

"That's a good picture of lily." said mommy. 

Then Rose found an American flag. "Hey lily can you take a picture of me and the flag?" asked Rose "sure" said Lily   

"Smile Lily" said Rose 

Then Lily said "look at the red stop sign Rose, you can take a picture of it for your scrapbook." "that's a great idea Lily." said Rose. 

Then mommy said it was time to go home and before they left Rose said " Look mommy your shirt is red can I take a picture of you for my scrapbook?" "sure you can sweetie" replied mommy 

 "That's a great picture" said Lily. and as they walked home Rose said "Today was a perfect day to spend time together." 

The End 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Photo Shoot: Tauriel!

We recently saw, Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, we loved it but it was also so sad, 'It was real," aww, well we also loved Tauriel so Sarah decided to do Felicty's hair like Tauriel, so here it is:

The End.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

News: American Girl releases Truly Me!

American Girl has released Truly Me, it replaces Just Like Me, or MyAg, I love the new look, so lets see what's new, I tried to get a picture but I could not for all of them.

New Dolls!

Truly Me™ Doll: Light Skin, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes:

This doll I love she looks so cute with this short hair, and the new outfit is so cute.

She costs: $115

Truly Me™ Doll: Medium Skin, Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

This doll is adorable she reminds me of Cecile, I bet she has a Sonali face mold, and her hair looks so sleek.
She costs: $115

Truly Me™ Doll: Medium Skin, Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

This doll is so cute, i love her face, and her eyes are adorable.
She costs: $115

New clothes: 

Lilac Dress & Accessories for Dolls
This is a cute outfit, and the accessories are very modern and cool, the accessories are sold separately.
It costs: $28 dollars for the dress and $28 dollars for the accessories

Shimmer Doodle Outfit for Dolls

This outfit is nice, I think it is a nice dress for modern dolls not really for our dolls. (I could only find a picture with the food).
It costs: $28

Flamingo Beach Dress for Dolls

I LOVE this dress, it is so summery, I could see someone taking their doll in this dress to the beach or pool easily.
It costs: $28

Seaside Fun Outfit

This is cute, good for pictures, I like the orange color, and the blue sandals.
It costs; $30
New furniture and accessories:

Beach Blanket Set

This set includes a striped blanket and pretend picnic–lunch goodies: a turkey sandwich with an olive on top, a bag of chips, a wedge of watermelon, a glass of pink lemonade with a fun straw, a white plate, and a blue napkin.
It costs: $24

Beach Hammock Set

This set includes: A sturdy hammock with colorful netting for a fresh summer look, A blue pillow with a starfish graphic, A mini magazine, and A twill visor.

It costs: $58

3 new books:
1. Truly Me Girl: Friends Forever, it costs: $12.99
2. Truly Me Girl: School Spirit, it costs: $12.99
3. Truly Me Girl: Shine Bright, it costs: $12.99

To see all the new Truly Me items go to: New for Truly Me

The End.