Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trip to New York Part one.

The First Part of the Trip to American Girl in New York, is here at is all about the new Truly Me items. So here it is!

We Enter the store.

Here are two of the Soccer Team outfit, it is really cute, the socks are my favorite part.

We Saw the Carriage and Horse, this is one of my favorite things of American Girl's Truly Me.

The two dolls inside were wearing the gorgeous Gold outfit, and the Joyful Jewels outfit.

The 2 in 1 Gymnastics Practice outfit, is ok, I do not like the colors and style. But I like the sweater. 

The joyful Jewels outfit is really cute, but it reminds me alot of the previous Christmas outfits, and the extensive hair is terrible. 

The gorgeous Gold Dress, is my favorite, it is beautiful.

Warm Winter outfit, is really cute, but do not like that you have by the jacket, hat, and mittens separately. 

The Christmas background is great for pictures. 

Sparkle Spotlight Outfit is really cute, I love the shorts, but the shirt looks really delicate. 

I was really disappointing with the TV, though it is cute and I always wanted AG to make one, i found this one very plastic and Barbie like. But I still think of getting one because it is really nise for a dollhouse. 

But the most disappointing thing was the attachable bangs, it does not attach well or even look good, it looks so fake.

The exclusive Kayak(hope that is a kayak) is really cute, great quality, accurately the outfit was sold out.

This is one of the personalized Truly Me outfits. The fabric is a little flimsy but it's nice.

This doll has rainbow hair literally. 

The End.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Opening and Photo Shoot of Maryellen!

We Got Maryellen, Our parents surprised us with a trip to New York to get her, yesterday. We were so excited, we brought Kailey with us, and she got some great pictures, we also got pictures of everything new! I will post those soon, but now for the opening, drum roll* Maryellen! 

We Go to New York, and we see the doll, and Maria rushes to get the first one she sees.

After taking pictures everywhere, we go to the cashier to get her.

In the Bag she goes, and next Home!

We are home, time to open her, just a little more!

Untie the rubber bands, and out she is.!

She is so Pretty!

 Here she is!

She's free!


  1.  Here she is, and now a Photo Shoot!

And some of the Goodies we got!

The End!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

MaryEllen's Collection Part Part 1.

Maryellen Larkin, is here, the new beforever, So here is Mary Ellen's World:

The Doll and Book, is already sold out, its 7:49 am. Est. She is beautiful, I love her green eyes, and her hair is just gorgeous. She's $115.

Her Accessories are beautiful, her gloves look dainty, the pearl necklace and bracelet. She is $24. 

Pj time, this pajama is very cute, it is a baby doll pajama, and the green looks beautiful on her, it is $24, i think a lit steep for just a pj.

Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Outfit, is adorable, i just wanna swing with her, at the diner, it reminds me of Sandy in Grease. it is $36 but for socks shoes, headpiece, shirt, and skirt, it's not that bad. 

Maryellen's Birthday Dress, this one is my favorite, she looks so fancy. is it me but is her hair longer, in this dress, well this color looks great on her. It is $34

Maryellen's School Outfit, is really cute, it is a purple gingham dress, But i am not a big fan of the purple and black combo. It is $32

Lucy!!! This is my Lucy outfit, Maryellen's Play Dress, I love the cherries, But I would not get since it really does not fit with my collection. It is $28.

.Maryellen's Ice Skating Outfit & Accessories, it is nice, but the Ice skating outfit comes only with the dress, stockings, and skates, which is nice, rather than selling separately, but the hat, scarf and gloves are sold separately. They are sold for $24

Part 2. will be tomorrow!

The End. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Maryellen!

Here are some more sneak peek photos of Maryellen's collection.


         Are you Exited for Maryellen's release tomorrow?