Saturday, January 31, 2015

Meet Juliet!

Meet Juliet Anderson, she is the Just Like You doll #25. How we got her is actually quite interesting, our Aunt Jessica and Uncle Richard actually found her on their porch. They immediately thought we had left one of our dolls, when they brought her to us we were so excited. We never had a Just Like You doll this was our first. Afterwards we found out where she had came from it seems that their neighbor knew about our love for dolls and decided to give her to us since his children were already grown up.  Though she had some makeup on, which was very easy to remove, she was in great condition. Juliet has become one of our most beloved doll.

Juliet has black/brown, straight, right side part hair, brown eyes, and the classic face mold.

Juliet likes candy, playing, baking, music, shopping, tea parties, costumes, competitions, beauty pageants, going to school, and cooking.

Juliet is sweet, friendly, nice, kind, cute, and talented.

Favorite Color: Pink.
Favorite Food: Lollipops.
Nickname: Jules.
Best Friends: Kanani, Samantha, Saige, Cecile, Josefina, and many more.
Goal in life: To own her own Sweet shop.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Meet Kanani!!!

Meet Kanani Akina, She is the 2011 Girl of the Year. We got Kanani for singing as back-up singers for a CD that a close family friend was creating. We were not that happy about singing, but we were easily convinced when our parents offered to get us Kanani to share. We went happily to sing, though the CD did not work out we had our Kanani doll.

Kanani light brown, loose curly, long hair, hazel eyes, and the Jess face mold.

Kanani enjoys eating shave ice, helping people, protecting Hawaiian wildlife, dancing,  playing with friends, going to a Luau, dressing up, being fabulous, and dreaming about finding her own prince charming.

Kanani is kind, intelligent, bright, dedicated, friendly, driven, imaginative, and out-going.

Favorite Color: Aquamarine.
Favorite Food: Shave Ice.
Nicknames: Her Highness.
Best Friends: Juliet, Isabelle, Saige, Lanie, Samantha, Kailey, and Cecile.
Goal in Life: Is too be a Hawaiian dancer. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meet Samantha!

 Meet Samantha Parkington, Sarah and Me got her the Christmas, Maria got Kit. Samantha is a Pleasant company doll, our mother found her on ebay for a good price. She was in great condition, her hair was soft, her skin did not have many scratches. We were sort of surprised when we opened her up, since Sarah already found mom's hiding place and told me all about it. Samantha is one of our most treasured dolls.

Samantha has light brown, bangs, slightly curly hair, brown eyes, and a classic face mold.

Samantha enjoys reading, climbing trees, imagining, daydreaming, playing with her friends, painting, playing the piano, and public speaking.

Samantha is smart, compassionate, funny, generous, kind,  curious, caring, defiant, and bright.

Favorite Color: Lavender.
Favorite Food: Sandwiches.
Nicknames: Sam.
Best Friends: Nellie and Kit.
Goal in Life: To stand up for what she believes in.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Meet Kit!

Meet Kit Kittredge, she is Maria's second doll, our parents gave it to her for Christmas. Maria chose Kit because she said that it would have been easier for her to do Kit's hair herself. Maria had the hardest time waiting to open her, she would look at where she was for hours. Finally, Christmas arrived I have never seen someone so eager to open a present. Maria was and still is in love with her Kit doll.

Kit has blond, shoulder length,  side part hair, freckles, dark blue eyes, and a classic face mold.

Kit enjoys writing, reporting, baseball, reading, and being with friends.

Kit is independent, creative, spunky, clever, funny, funny, charming, inquisitive, and has a "can-do" attitude towards life.

Favorite Color: Red.
Favorite Food: Cookies and Milk.
Nicknames: Margaret Mildred. 
Best Friends: Ruthie, Rebecca and Samantha.
Goal in life:  To be a Reporter.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet Lanie!

Meet Lanie Holland, the year we got Molly, Josefina, and Rebecca was also the year when Our Aunt Sofia gave us each of us gift cards for American Girl $25 dollars each. So there we were going to the New York American Girl store, not knowing what we were going to get. We each had an outfit in mind to get, but our mom told us that if we wanted we could pool our money in to get a doll and she would pay the difference

. Lanie was the 2010 Girl of the Year, she had just been released and we loved the way she looked. All but Maria was convinced to get her, but after awhile she was finally convinced. We brought Lanie home. None of us never regretted buying her, she is honestly one of our favorite dolls.

Lanie has blond, shoulder length, curly, side swept bang hair,  hazel eyes, and the classic face mold.

Lanie enjoys gardening, dressing up, science, being outdoors, playing, and talking with friends.

Lanie is sweet, kind, smart, adventurous, graceful, and is a queen.

Favorite Color: Green.
Favorite food: Pizza.
Nicknames: none.
Best friends: Caroline, Saige, Kanani, Isabelle.
Goal in Life: To travel around the world.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Meet Molly!

Meet Molly Mcintire, She is My third American Girl doll. I got her when our parents surprised me and Sarah with allowing us to get any doll we wanted for Christmas. So I am at the store looking for the perfect doll, and then I remember Kristen since she was going to be retired soon, I believed she was the doll for me. Luckily for Molly, Kristen was sold out.

So there I was wondering which doll I should get Maria was already getting Rebecca and Sarah Josefina, in my indecisiveness I looked from the corner of my eye and saw Molly. Personally, I was never a big fan of Molly's braids and glasses, but when I looked in her box and saw her without her glasses, I knew she was the one for me. I never regretted getting Molly, she is one of my favorite dolls.

Molly has brown hair with bangs, gray eyes,  and the classic face mold. 

Molly enjoys reading, tap dancing, listening to camp songs, daydreaming, obsessing over celebrities and princesses,  and playing with her friends.

Molly is feisty, loveable, lively, fun, cheerful, imaginative, loving, patriotic, and go getter. 

Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite food: Ham and Cheese sandwich.
Nickname: Moll.
Best friends: Josefina, Rebecca, and Emily.
Goal in Life: To be herself no matter what.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meet Josefina!

Meet Josefina Montoya, She is Sarah's third American Girl, she was a complete surprise, when our parents were buying Rebecca for Maria they told us that we could get any doll we wanted. Sarah was thinking of getting Chrissa the Girl of the Year since she was going to be retired soon, but she really wanted Josefina, so at the last minute she chose her.

Josefina has dark brown, straight, center part hair, dark brown eyes, and the Josefina face mold.

Josefina enjoys collecting things, listening to music, gardening, helping those in need, and conquering her fears.

Josefina is artistic, brave, faithful, caring, hopeful, funny, sweet, loyal, sensitive, gentle, helpful, and a good listener.

Favorite Color: Yellow.
Favorite Food: Cross Bread and Grilled Corn.
Nickname: Josie.
Best friends: Molly and Rebecca.
Goal in Life: To be a doctor, and heal those who are sick with kindness.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Meet Rebecca!

Meet Rebecca Rubin, She is My Sister Maria's first American Girl doll, Our parents gave it to her for Christmas, Rebecca had just been released, and Maria fell head over heels for her.
Rebecca has honey brown, curly, side parted hair, hazel eyes, and a Josefina face mold.

Rebecca enjoys acting, watching movies, spending time with her family and friends, entertaining, and dressing up.
Rebecca is lively, dramatic, charismatic, confident, inspiring, hardworking, and a star.

Favorite Color: Purple.
Favorite Food: Hallah bread.
Nickname: Beckie and becca.
Best Friends: Kit, Josefina, and Molly.
Goal in Life: To be an movie star.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Meet Emily!

Meet Emily Bennett, I got her as a gift from my parents for Christmas, she was sort of a complete surprise, since I suspected they got her for me, because they had asked "If I was going to get a doll for Christmas which would I get?" Of course I said Emily, I just loved her beautiful Dark Auburn hair, her light blue eyes, and her classic face mold.

Emily enjoys doing her math homework, spending time with friends, talking about the princesses, gardening and dreaming about England.
She is Brave, shy, sweet, quiet, and caring.
 Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Tea and biscuits.
Nickname: Em and Emmie.
Best friends: Ruthie and Molly.
Goal in Life: To do her best in all she does.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meet Ruthie!

Meet Ruthie Smithens, Sarah, got her for Christmas as a present from our parents, they knew how much she wanted her. Ruthie had just came out, and Sarah was enamored with her.
Ruthie has dark brown hair with highlights, side part, gray eyes, and a classic face mold.

Ruthie enjoys reading fairy tales, dancing, playing tennis, being goofy, going on vacations, and daydreaming.
Ruthie is a hopeless romantic, loyal, compassionate, courageous, kind, and determined.

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Strawberries.
Nickname: Cutie Ruthie.
Best Friends: Emily and Kit.
Goal in Life: To Live Happily Ever After.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Meet Felicity!

Meet Felicity Merriman, She is Sarah's first doll, she was given to her by our grandparents. Sarah loves Felicity's long red hair, her big green eyes and classic face mold.
Felicity enjoys riding her horse Penny, going on adventures, doing new things, playing on her guitar, working in her garden, dancing, laughing, and being outdoors.
Felicity is spunky, brave, adventurous, smart, and independent-minded.

Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite Food: Apples. 
Best Friend: Elizabeth.
Nickname: Felic, and Lizzie.
Goal in Life: To own her own shop. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Meet Elizabeth!

Meet Elizabeth Cole, Our Grandparents gave her to me, for Christmas, she was my first American Girl doll, My sisters and I were hooked, line, and sinker ever since.

Elizabeth has long blond, wavy, center-part, hair, light blue eyes, and her face mold is the Josefina mold.

Elizabeth enjoys to dance ballet and the waltz, go to balls, read, to be outside, laugh,  to go to tea parties, play with her horse Patriot, and watch old movies.
She is loyal, funny, patient, quiet, shy, friendly, sweet, and careful.

Favorite Color: Gold.
Favorite thing to eat: Tarts.
Best Friend: Felicity.
Nickname: Eliza, and liz.
Goal in Life: Is to fill the world with Laughter.