Monday, May 25, 2015

Adventures with Bitty Babies and Twins: A Day in the Park.

 Lilliandil and Rose were excited to go with mommy to the playground. Lily wanted to see all the beautiful flowers. And Rose wanted to take photos of different red thing at the park for her scrapbook.  "At the park there are plenty of sweet smelling flowers" said Rose. When they got to the park Lily saw the most beautiful rose. "Look Rose" said Lily "That is the most beautiful Rose I have ever seen" Lily continued. "And it is perfect for a photo" replied Rose. 

"That's a good picture of lily." said mommy. 

Then Rose found an American flag. "Hey lily can you take a picture of me and the flag?" asked Rose "sure" said Lily   

"Smile Lily" said Rose 

Then Lily said "look at the red stop sign Rose, you can take a picture of it for your scrapbook." "that's a great idea Lily." said Rose. 

Then mommy said it was time to go home and before they left Rose said " Look mommy your shirt is red can I take a picture of you for my scrapbook?" "sure you can sweetie" replied mommy 

 "That's a great picture" said Lily. and as they walked home Rose said "Today was a perfect day to spend time together." 

The End 

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