Sunday, May 31, 2015

Photo Story: Samantha's Shopping Spree for Charity!

Samantha and her friends got to the store, they wanted to get many things, for the orphans.

"Today we are not only here to celebrate my birthday, but to find dome great things for the orphans," Samantha said to her friends.

Caroline said to her, "What about this dress," "I love it" Samantha replied. 

Isabelle was still searching for a great find.

Grace whgo worked at the store could not box the outfits quicker, "You are buying my whole store," she said laughingly. 

Samantha found some great finds for boys!

Afterwards, She paid Grace for all the great things.

Nellie started to pack the toys in a box, "The kids are going to love this!" she said gleefully.

There were so much clothes, blankets, toys and books!

When, the orpnage lady Miss Mckinley saw all the things she almost started to cry.

"Thank you so much,Samantha" she said, "The children will love this,"

Marie Grace and Cecile, who helped out at the orphanage were also surprised at all the marvelous things, and the orphans were delighted. 

Samantha was so happy, all that she hoped for came true, now the orphans had enough clothes to last them all year. This was the best birthday ever.

The End.

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