Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Photo Story: Mary's Trip to New York!

Mary, the bitty baby, came with us to New York and she saw all the Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin items, This is the last Trip to New York in the series! 

My Trip was very fun, I saw and made a lot of new friends, this is my story.

I met my twin, she looked so cute in that outfit!

These dolls were so much fun, it was Kathy, Bailey, and Margret.

I took a picture with these great dolls!

So many Bitty Babies everywhere, see if you can spot me!

Moving on to the bitty Twins, There were so many, I hid pretty well here, see if you can spot me now!

This doll was so nice, her name was Courtney, and she told me about how she wished to be adopted.

I loved these dolls, they looked just like Caspian and Bitty Twin!

Max was so funny, he told me so many jokes.

I started to feel tired, I met Jane, she was friendly.

Eventually, I just took a nap with some other dolls!

My Trip was very nice, Hope you like reading about it.
The End.

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