Saturday, May 23, 2015

News: American Girl releases Truly Me!

American Girl has released Truly Me, it replaces Just Like Me, or MyAg, I love the new look, so lets see what's new, I tried to get a picture but I could not for all of them.

New Dolls!

Truly Me™ Doll: Light Skin, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes:

This doll I love she looks so cute with this short hair, and the new outfit is so cute.

She costs: $115

Truly Me™ Doll: Medium Skin, Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

This doll is adorable she reminds me of Cecile, I bet she has a Sonali face mold, and her hair looks so sleek.
She costs: $115

Truly Me™ Doll: Medium Skin, Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

This doll is so cute, i love her face, and her eyes are adorable.
She costs: $115

New clothes: 

Lilac Dress & Accessories for Dolls
This is a cute outfit, and the accessories are very modern and cool, the accessories are sold separately.
It costs: $28 dollars for the dress and $28 dollars for the accessories

Shimmer Doodle Outfit for Dolls

This outfit is nice, I think it is a nice dress for modern dolls not really for our dolls. (I could only find a picture with the food).
It costs: $28

Flamingo Beach Dress for Dolls

I LOVE this dress, it is so summery, I could see someone taking their doll in this dress to the beach or pool easily.
It costs: $28

Seaside Fun Outfit

This is cute, good for pictures, I like the orange color, and the blue sandals.
It costs; $30
New furniture and accessories:

Beach Blanket Set

This set includes a striped blanket and pretend picnic–lunch goodies: a turkey sandwich with an olive on top, a bag of chips, a wedge of watermelon, a glass of pink lemonade with a fun straw, a white plate, and a blue napkin.
It costs: $24

Beach Hammock Set

This set includes: A sturdy hammock with colorful netting for a fresh summer look, A blue pillow with a starfish graphic, A mini magazine, and A twill visor.

It costs: $58

3 new books:
1. Truly Me Girl: Friends Forever, it costs: $12.99
2. Truly Me Girl: School Spirit, it costs: $12.99
3. Truly Me Girl: Shine Bright, it costs: $12.99

To see all the new Truly Me items go to: New for Truly Me

The End.


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